About project

Wings4Start project has been started at the 1th October of 2010 and since that moment has started an exchange of information with experts and specialists of sport, and work with the schools and orphanages. The project goal is to introduce young people to healthy lifestyle recreation opportunities to all new interested parties to give the opportunity to acquaint oneself with motor sport and enjoy the sportsman life, physical training and driving by motorcycle. One of the main condition of the project is to inform young that sport and motor sport including is a great alternative to inactivity, not to use alcohol, smoke and do all the other unhealthy things. The project will be propose to do sport, to improve your fitness, improve health and, who knows, maybe some one of the participating of children to be involved of schools will become as the next talented motosportsman. In the implementation process of project will be involve the children’s parents, a number of coaches and experts, will be popularized the sporty lifestyle, will tell about the course of proper physical training on the technical nuances, and as well will be demonstrating accurate and safe driving. After the establishing of an essay contest 70 schools, is planning activities in the 24 most responsive Latvian and Lithuania schools, as well in 7 children's homes. In all these institutions will be organizing essay competitions of the second-level, where the authors of essays of the most responsive schools and orphanages by tender, will be selected for further cooperation in attending motor sports competitions and camps. The highlight of the young will have to motor sports camp, which will be selected for the best essay writers who will participate in 5 days training process of motorsportman, under expert supervision. Young’s of orphanages who will be the most responsive and the most active will participate with experts, will be carried on the race for the spot to get acquainted with this sport. The development of this project will be as the basis for sporting lifestyle of youth to strengthen the regions and create a base for future cooperation between the Latvian’s and Lithuanian’s society by going in and promoting a sporting lifestyle by creating motivation to young people for reason to reach higher goals in those lives.

The project’s team to corporate by Latvian and Lithuanian sides of a variety of motor sport experts to create programs to young who live at a borders would be effectively informed about healthy lifestyles, are engaged in activities and create in them an interest in motor sport. It is planning that 4200 young will be involve and more than 1600 of all who participate will be able to continue to work individually with the experts and specialists involved in the project, which will help to provide motivation and provide incentives for young to achieve the objectives in sport and life. For all the details you can consult our website www.wings4start.eu.