In 2nd of March, in the Middle East – Gulf surrounded by Qatar, started a new, 2013 World Championship season in MX1 and MX2. A new season, the first phase […]

First two round’s for Latvia Elksni Honda team!

In 2nd of March, in the Middle East – Gulf surrounded by Qatar, started a new, 2013 World Championship season in MX1 and MX2. A new season, the first phase of a new – an experimental format, but a major role in” actors” are the same…

In those two rounds participated also our team Latvia Elksni Honda riders – brothers August and Robert Justs and Mathias Plessers.

In MX2 class first heat Robert Justs was fighting with other riders in TOP20, but in last laps he made some mistakes and some riders past him, and finished in 22nd place and that mean, he needed to get ready for „Last Chance” race. Very stable ride was showing Mathias Plessers, who ride in his own ability and finished 27th place.

In MX1 class all first heat in big fight from start till finish had August Justs, but like his brother, also his last laps was critical, when he got past by other riders, and finished in 21st place.

All three riders get ready for „Last Chance” race, in which needed to finish among the first two riders in its class to qualify for the Super Final. One of the best performances in recent times and the fighting spirit showed August, who fight to the last centimeter, and crossed the finish line sixth place among all riders and third in the MX1 riders. August crossed the finish line 0.5 seconds behind the rider in front, who was in the same time second MX1 rider, and therefore, it was not enough to get to the Super Final.

One week later, in 10.03. in Thailand held the second round of the World Championship in Motocross MX1 and MX2 class, in which also our team took participation. The riders arrived in Thailand on Tuesday for more time to get used to the time difference, and of course, to the big heat and high humidity.

As acknowledged by the two brothers, both Roberts and Augusts, the first impressions upon arrival at the track were that both of them were unanimous to say that this is the best organized World Championship stage, where they during their careers have been.

Quite unfortunate this round was for Belgian rider Mathias Plesser, who have the qualification for the qualification race faced motorcycle defects, as a result, also by this stage he had finished.

Not the best round also was for our second MX2 class rider Robert, who was able to improve his starts, and speed compared to the first round in Qatar, but the gravity was too high, and on every race, when Robert went to the track was seen to fall. The first race Robert was racing in 17th position, but then he went down, and after that Roberts withdrew from the race. However, in the “Last Chance” race, he was starting to fight for a place that guarantee a place in Super Final, but unfortunately he made another mistake and fall down and hi race was over.

Much better than the MX2 class, both riders did Augusts who both races showing the nature and the desire to get the points was fighting with his competitors. In first race August finished in high 16th place, which also gave the Augusts automatically qualify for the Super Final. In the second race the heat was already much more degrees and this race was a good survival of several riders, including Augusts, who finished 36th place, and 17. in the MX1 class at this round Augusts get 9 points which gave him 15. place in Thailand GP.

After two rounds Augusts Justs is in 19th place.

Augusts Justs: “The first heat I done how I wanted, the riding went very well, and I got a good and fast lap times, which is also reflected in the finish, as managed to cross the finish line in 16th place. Super Final didn’t go over so well because the heat was so great that even in the last laps was a feeling that will not get to the finish, but all ended well, and I am pleased with my performance in Thailand, as I could get 9 points, 15. place overall in this GP and after two stages I am in 19th place with which I am very satisfied.”